Baby's First Year

Baby Boy Baby Scrapbook

Baby boy baby scrapbook. Create a keepsake baby book of your baby boy’s first year. These baby boy baby scrapbooks feature adorable covers. The inside pages allow you to tape or paste in a photo of your baby boy and write in a memory to create a unique personalized baby book.

its a boy baby boy book


Blank Fill-in Journal Type of Pages

Make your own baby scrapbook to capture your baby’s first years. These blank journal have plenty of space for photos and memories. Our baby journals are perfect for photos, notes or poems. Compact enough to tuck away in a diaper bag or book bag. You can take them with you anywhere. Use these blank baby journals to create a story book full of photos and other memorable things.

Baby Boy Baby Scrapbook

Make adorable cute baby books for creating lasting memories. They are easy to personalize. Add photos of your baby boy, write in a note on the lines below the photo. You can even add scrapbook stickers to make the pages fun!