Baby's First Year

Baby Scrapbooks

Baby Scrapbook For Creating Your Own Baby Memory Book

Keep the memories of your baby’s first year of life in our charming baby scrapbook. The arrival of your new baby is a great time to start scrap booking. These baby books allow you to create a priceless and irreplaceable personalized baby keepsake that you can treasure for years. These sweet memory baby books have plenty of room for the milestones of your favorite memories of your newborn girl memory book

Blank Fill-in Journal Type of Pages

Make your own baby scrapbook to capture your baby’s first years. These blank scrapbook baby journals have plenty of space for photos and memories. These baby journals are perfect for photos, notes or poems. Compact enough to tuck away in a diaper bag or book bag. You can take it with you anywhere. Use these blank baby journals to create a story book full of photos and other memorable things.

Add Photos and Write in Memories

A baby book for to keep your treasured memories and preserve the special moments of your baby. Tape in a photo and then write the things your baby was doing in the photo on the lines below your baby’s picture. Remember the happy times,funny things and just about anything your baby did that made you smile. Treasure your memories for a lifetime in your baby journal.

A Baby Keepsake Journal

These scrapbook journals will allow you to tape or paste in photo’s, pictures, or paper clippings of dates and special events you wish to cherish of your children. A baby book journal is a wonderful way to record all of the most special, loving and funny moments you share with your baby during the first weeks and months.

Use These Baby Books For

1. Baby Scrapbook
2. Baby Photo Journal
3. Baby Diary
4. Baby Memory Book
5. Baby Keepsake Book
6. Mom Journal
What’s Inside:

These baby scrapbooks have different sections.
The first part allows you to write a memory and tape or paste in a photo for:

  • Baby’s First Photo
  • Baby’s First Week Home
  • Special Baby Moments
  • Baby’s First Bath

Baby boy memory bookThe second section you can tape or paste in photos for your baby’s first four weeks of life. The third section you can tape or paste in photos for each month up to twelve months old. Plus there are pages at the back of this baby book to collect well-wishes and autographs!

Makes a great gift for new moms or a baby shower gift!

Create lasting memories before they are gone forever and impossible to reproduce! Pictures are worth a thousand words, they help us remember the little moments that bring us such joy in an instant. Preserving the memories of your newborn baby can bring you comfort and amusement for many years.

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